Club Ethos

Our Purpose:

“To grow the intelligent football player in the community.”

We will achieve that by following our values and philosophy:

Our values:

  • FAIR PLAY – respect RESPECT, e.g. no negative touchline communication.
  • OPPORTUNITY for all players, coaches and supporters: for everyone to get involved to get the best development for our players and coaches. Not leaving anyone behind.
  • DEVELOPMENT OVER RESULTS: to focus on the longterm development of the players. And learning to lose is a vital life skill.

Our Philosophy:

  • to provide a fun and learning environment” – after all, we are only the facilitators providing the kids with an opportunity to play football.
  • to aspire to have a style of play that our players are comfortable with” – this caused a long discussion. No-one if going to tell a team they have to play a certain style, it simply means that we aspire to teach the kids a variety of football skills that allows the team to play skilful football rather than “just hoofing it up the pitch ALL THE TIME”. No-one said you can’t kick out the ball if that’s the best option in a given situation.
  • to be role models and mentors” – simply, teach our kids to be good persons on and off the pitch. The kids copy us which means we must respect everyone first.

Measure our progress

  • Our players enjoy playing for our club
  • Our coaches and volunteers are committed to developing our players